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Breaking out of the ordinary routine may be difficult. but it is well worth a try.


When U give Ur body the full attention it deserves, U will gain a world of new & infinite possibilities.














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    In our modern technology - driven culture, our mines R extraordinarily stimulated & overactive. There's a delicate dance between thought & activity: Movement is key for a cluttered mind as a positive mind is medicine for an ailing body.

   Proper nutrition feeds & fuels healthy cells, but diet alone is inadequate to re-structure one's body. While healthy foods will help U drop extra pounds, exercise is the best way to regulate body weight. Exercise strengthens the cells so that they can make strong, functional & healthy organs health is realized through daily movement & ongoing muscle building activity.

    Shed belly fat, improve skin tone, clock - work regularity, overcome joint & muscle pain, improve immune & cognitive response, better mental alertness, & the list continues... People may not agree on what is best for U, but most of us will agree on one thing.

Real food that god made is far better for u than fake food that man made!!!

Pomegranates, Apples, Oranges, Plums, Grapes, Carrots, Broccoli, Beets, anything organically grown is better than anything in a box, can, or bag (equipped with salt, sugar, coloring & preservatives) .

Most of the comfort foods we love - Meat, Potatoes, Cheese, Eggs, Bread is an acid base which renders the body acidic (balance is the key here) when Ur body becomes acidic, it retains more water to dilute the acid & stores fat as protection from the acid that gets in Ur blood. (See Acid Vs Alkaline)

Inner Strength