Is Chocolate a Healthy Food?















































Your Heart would say yes!!!


I was reading 1 of the prevention magazines & stumbled upon an article about chocolate (I love the Dark semisweet Kind). So here is what I found.


If U want the most heart – healthy antioxidants, should U grab a dish of blueberries, a cup of tea, or a chocolate bar?

If U guessed chocolate, U R correct, (remembering the main antioxidant is coco) Y… researchers explain, in tests using the “gold standard” for measuring antioxidants – the ORAC test – chocolate actually comes out ahead of the former antioxidant champs: tea, concord grape juice, & blueberries (View Chart Below). (Reported at the Experimental Biology conference, Apr.00)

 Even so, save chocolate for an occasional healthy treat, says researcher Penny Kris – Etherton, PhD, RD, of Pennsylvania State University in State College. “Chocolate has a price tag – it’s loaded with calories. You’re not helping your heart one bit if U eat too much chocolate & end up gaining weight.”

For everyday antioxidants, rely on low- calorie sources such as fruits, vegetables, & tea. Or use cocoa powder (chocolate with much of the fat removed) to make hot chocolate.


Antioxidants Megastars

Antioxidant Points


Dark Chocolate bar (1.55oz)



Milk Chocolate bar (1.55oz)



Concord grape Juice (6oz)



Hot Cocoa (1/2 Tbsp cocoa powder, 1Tbsp sugar, 1 cup Fat free milk)



Black Tea (1 tea bag brewed)



Blueberries (1/2 cup)



Green Tea (1 tea Bag, brewed)




These Web – sites R Rated By USA Weekend Feb. 1 – 3 2008 article Full circle sustainability is the key principle, Delicious, yet with community & ecology in mind. This fair-trade chocolate comp. Works to raise awareness of & supports endangered species; 10 % of net profits go to this end. U’ll find organic & vegan chocolate truffles, which R dairy – free (made of soymilk). Pkging is made with recycled materials, & items R shipped in Earth friendly air – filled bags with no Styrofoam peanuts. The chocolate is produced using 100% renewable energy.


Chocolate is not for everyone, some people may have an adverse effect, for instance there was an article about a middle aged businesswoman that was troubled by foggy thinking & by chronic fatigue so severe that it often kept her in bed for days on end. With process of elimination Dr Carlton found that she was eating chocolate 2 to 3 times a week. Although this didn’t sound excessive, he suggested she give it up to see what happened.

Result: During her 1st chocolate – free month, she felt clear – headed for the 1st time in Years. Then she ate a slice of chocolate cake at a dinner party…and spent the next 3 days in bed. This convinced her that chocolate had been to blame.

For those of U that suffer from anxiety, chocolate may not be the best thing, chocolate contains methylxanthines, naturally occurring pesticides that R a common cause of anxiety attacks.


Source of reference: Prevention 10/00, Healing Unlimited, USA Weekend Feb. 1-3 2008,